Wellness offer

Besides the standard offer, the Toni & Petar vacation house also features its own wellness area.

Are you coming for a vacation and want to completely relax? Our house includes a private wellness area consisting of a Bali Xl infrared sauna, a Mars jacuzzi for 3 people, and a relaxation area.

Frequently asked questions about saunas

Why is an infrared sauna good?

The infrared sauna, unlike traditional saunas, is increasingly popular because it is made of Nordic spruce wood with fragrant resins that have a relaxing atmosphere, and instead of steam, the heating is made possible by long infrared rays. The heat of the infrared energy penetrates up to 5 cm deep into the tissue.

What is the temperature and length of stay in the infrared sauna?

The temperature ranges from 60 to 230°C, making it suitable for those who cannot tolerate the high temperatures of a traditional sauna. The stay typically lasts up to 30 minutes.

Tips before using an infrared sauna?
  • Alcohol consumption is not allowed, nor should you enter on an empty or full stomach due to potential strain on circulation.

  • It’s recommended to warm up with stretching exercises beforehand.

  • Remove jewelry, shower, and towel off before entering.

  • It’s best to sit opposite the heater, as heat radiation emits horizontally from the heat source.

  • Spread a towel under the entire body in the sauna.

Tips after using an infrared sauna?
  • After sweating, it’s important to cool down under a cold shower (starting with lukewarm water) for as long as you stayed in the sauna.

  • It’s recommended to relax for 20-30 minutes afterward.

  • Thirst should be quenched with water, tea, or natural fruit juices.

What are the advantages of a sauna?
  • In addition to its relaxing effects, saunas have numerous health benefits including:

    • Medicinal effects for skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea)
    • Reduces signs of aging
    • Promotes healing of wounds, scars, bruises, sprains, and inflammations (recommended for treating sports injuries and muscle pain after workouts)
    • Therapeutic effects for joint diseases (rheumatism and arthritis)
    • Improved blood circulation optimizes oxygen transfer in the body
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Normalizes blood pressure
    • Reduces cholesterol levels
Is sauna good for weight loss?

There is also some speculation, which has not been scientifically confirmed, that sweating triggers detoxification and weight loss.